Delivery Policy

  1. Our delivery time stated is only by approximation and may vary in the event of unexpected traffic congestion, local/federal traffic blockage, weather conditions, unforeseen incidents or any other factors that may delay our delivery time.
  2. In the circumstances whereby the delivery of your order is highly likely to be delayed, we will make all available effort in our capacity to notify you of said delay.
  3. Paramount Postpartum Care may choose to engage with a third party service provider to ensure our delivery within 90 minutes. Whilst we aim to ensure the service level of such third party service provider, we are not able to warrant their conduct or behavior and shall not be held responsible for any omission or misconduct caused by said third party service provider(s).
  4. You are responsible to be available at the time of delivery or to ensure adequate arrangement is made in the event of your absence to collect your order upon arrival. All risks and responsibility of the product shall be handed over to you upon completion of delivery.
  5. In the event where we are unable to reach you upon delivery, we will attempt to contact you at the phone number provided during Checkout. If the aforementioned attempts to contact you have failed, you will be liable for the order’s payment in full as if you have received it.
  6. To ensure the highest quality of the delivered meal, it is highly recommended that all meals delivered should be consumed immediately upon receipt.

Return Policy

  1. All products of highly perishable nature are not subject to any refund or return.
  2. Returned products of a less perishable nature are subject to inspection on a case-by-case basis before confirmation of return is notified to customers.
  3. You are required to provide the receipt of your order, a photo of the product at the received condition, along with the returned product, within 24 hours of the product delivery time.
  4. Returned products must be in its original packaging, unused and undamaged by customers, in order to qualify for an inspection of the product.
  5. In order for returned goods to be inspected, customers are required to bear all transportation costs in relation to the return goods.
  6. Once the returned goods have passed inspection, customers will receive their refund within 14 days upon confirmation.

Please return your purchased goods to the following address:

246, Jalan Melaka Raya 3, Taman Melaka Raya, 75000 Melaka 

For more information, please contact us at or Whatsapp at 013-8889603.